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2 12 2007

Alex Tabarrok skriver et utmerket innlegg hvor han forsvarer økt frihet til å inngå ekteskapskontrakt

I think it’s time to restore freedom of contract to marriage. Why should two men, for example, be denied the same rights to contract as are allowed to a man and a woman? Far from ending civilization the extension of the bourgeoisie concept of contract ever further is the epitome of civilization. Our modern concept of marriage, for example, is simply one instantiation of the idea of contract.

Time har vært i Danmark og gir forklaringen på hvorfor Danmark elsker globalisering

Sure enough, apart from the high overall tax burden, the Danish tax system is a conservative economist’s dream: the corporate tax rate is lower than in the U.S., capital gains are taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income, and major efforts have been made to move the tax burden from income to consumption.

Tim Harford vil ikke ha gavekort til jul

Jennifer Pate Offenberg, an economist who wrote a recent survey of the gift-card market, has taken a look at the resale market on eBay. She concludes that a thriving resale market exists – but the typical seller accepts a 15 per cent loss on the face value of the card, in addition to the cost and hassle of listing on eBay. Rather than give your loved one a £25 gift card, then, why not give them a £20 note and flush the extra fiver down the toilet?

Terra-saken får omtale i New York Times

[…]Narvik, a remote seaport where the season’s perpetual gloom deepened even further in recent days after news that the town — along with three other Norwegian municipalities — had lost about $64 million, and potentially much more, in complex securities investments that went sour.

Per Pettersons «Ut og stjæle hester» («Out stealing horses») en av årets 10 beste bøker (New York Times). En meget god bok som herved anbefales.

In this short yet spacious Norwegian novel, an Oslo professional hopes to cure his loneliness with a plunge into solitude.




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